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posted by Wyre car & van hire on 11/Oct/19

Wyre Car and Van hire services include manual and automatic car hire Lancaster. Compact, Family or estate car hire. All available as Manual or Automatic.

automatic car hire

The most popular is the Ford Focus. Around one in ten drivers have passed there test in an automatic. This means that they can only drive a car with an automatic gearbox. Drivers that pass there test with the manual, shift gear stick, can drive both. So to cater for all drivers, we offer cars and vans in both manual and automatic versions.

With the recent introduction to electric cars, this has increased the popularity of the automatics. All 100% electric cars are automatic. By nature an electric motor doesn’t need to change gear ratio’s like a petrol or diesel equivalent.

I noticed on a recent visit to Lancaster University, that most of the small compact cars used by the students, where indeed automatics. This really is a sensible choice for new drivers. Manual transmission seems to be for the more powerful, big cars. For simple easy driving round town, the auto is a winner every time.

So with the electric car scene catching up and more people needing automatic car hire Lancaster, then we will be here for you. Call Wyre Car and Van hire on 01253 790101


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