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posted by Wyre car & van hire on 07/Oct/19

Car rental

If you don’t own a car or you just need a car for a special event, rent a car from Blackpool Car Rental Company. Our aim is to make hiring a car or van straightforward and easy. With daily, weekly, or monthly rentals, a hire car gives you freedom for a time frame that suits your needs. The convenience to rent a car at Wyre Car & Van hire is what really stands out. All car rentals have £100 deposit and includes insurance fees in the price.

Wyre car & van hire have a fleet of rental cars are fully maintained by certified mechanics and local garages, so you can expect a reliable car rental.

Based just Over Wyre on the main road from Poulton to Lancaster. Call for Blackpool car rental details or directions: 01253 790101

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