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Car hire in Blackpool

Possibly the best car hire company in Blackpool. Starting with the small eco cars, mainly 4 seaters, compact and cheap to run. Next is the typical family sized cars like the Ford Focus. Or if you need that little extra space then hire one of our large estate cars. Either way, if your looking to hire a car then we have 2 offices covering Blackpool. Please call for detailt 01253 790101

Vehicle rental services throughout the Fylde coast areas from Bispham to Fleetwood.
So next time you need to hire a car in PoultonThornton, Cleveleys, Lytham, St Annes, Kirkham, Garstang or Lancaster: Call Wyre Car & Van hire on 01253 790101

Call 01253 790101

Small 2 door hire car

Small 2 door car (Fiesta or similar)

The Ford Focus, 4 Door, Automatic

1 Day hire = £40
3 Day hire = Ask
7 Day hire = Ask

4 door family car

Medium 4 door car (Focus or similar)

The Ford Focus, 4 Door, Automatic

1 Day hire = £50
3 Day hire = Ask
7 Day hire = Ask

Electric car

Electric car (Nissan Leaf or similar)

The Nissan Leaf 100% electric

1 Day hire = £60
3 Day hire = Ask
7 Day hire = Ask

Call Wyre Car & Van hire on 01253 790101

Choosing a hire car in Blackpool

Up to date with the latest electric cars or the traditional petrol & diesel vehicles.

Hire a car to see the Blackpool Illuminations

What a perfect way to see the illuminations in an electric car from Wyre Car & Van hire!
All electric cars include a fully charged battery so you get a minimum of 85 miles for free. Our petrol & diesel cars average from 30 to 60 mpg.

Open all weekend

We understand the main time you need a hire cars, is the weekend. Both branches are open till 9pm on Saturday & Sunday night. Evening opening times are for either returning your car or starting a new hire.

Whats the shortest time to hire a car in Blackpool

One day is the minimum time we can hire a car out for. Your more than welcome to only use the car for a couple of hours the return it, but we do have a minimum 1 day hire charge.

Hiring a car in Blackpool with points on your license

Don’t worry if you’ve only got 3 point for speeding! But if you have any more, then there may be an extra charge and in certain circumstances, we may unfortunately have to decline you due to insurance regulations.

Whats the cost to hire a car in Blackpool

Charges for a typical days hire in a standard sized family car is around £45 to £60 a day. Don’t forget that most hire companies require a damage deposit. The standard deposit we reserve is £100. Again this may vary.

Can I rent an electric car in Blackpool

As of 2019 we started offering the Nissan Leaf, Various other EV’s will be added to our rental fleet in 2020.The great thing about electric cars is that we always supply them with a full charge at the start of the hire.

Can I recharge an electric car in Blackpool

Easy as charging your laptop! We will supply you with a charger that simply plugs into a normal plug socket at your house or in your garage. You may also charge upto 3 times a week at Chorley Nissan in Blackpool.

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